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every moment we encounter can never be repeated

"It moved me..."
“I inhaled the aroma and was instantly transported to my childhood, lying in the grass on a summer day.  It was profound.  It moved me.” Lora
"my head was allowed to wander..."
“It was so cool to really sit in the stillness.  I found all these inspirations unfolding in me and my creativity just flew out of that “boredom”- I do mean boredom in the most heartfelt way- my head was allowed to wander, imagine, and create.” Negin
"I felt that love and intention wash over me..."
“As I took in each sip, I really felt like I was drinking in all of the love and intention you poured into the cup, I felt that love and intention wash over me.  This meditation was such a beautiful and special thing.” Sara
"a life changing experience..."
“I thought this would be a nice thing to experience, it turned out to be a life changing experience.” Michael
"I can't remember when I gave myself permission to be quiet..."
“I loved the to engage in the act of simply slowing down.  I can’t remember when I gave myself permission to be quiet, I really felt like a different person after this Tea Ceremony.” Lauren
"so much more than sipping tea..."
“It was so much more than sipping tea, it was a full body experience.  I felt transformed.” Peggy

get quiet

enter in silence, practice stillness

drink tea

experience a multi-sensory meditation through drinking tea


observe & reflect while ceremonial matcha is prepared


conclude the ceremony with a discussion of personal insight


feel calm, focused, & energized


build teamwork & connect with your tribe


antioxidants,fiber, chlorophyll, vitamin C, +more


focus into your essential authentic self


your mind, body, & spirit

wabi sabi

practice the Japanese art of imperfection

Generations of Tea Ceremony
Hisae Skaer (Sarah’s Mother), Tokyo 1975  |  Sarah Skaer Los Angeles 2017

Experience the Art of Slowing Down

Sarah Skaer brings a modern insight to her Tea Ceremony events, often incorporating her soulful yoga teachings with the traditional Tea Ceremony passed down from her mother & family in Japan.


Core Lotus Tea Ceremony is currently practiced in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our Tea Ceremony is ideal for 8-20 people and lasts from 30 – 90 minutes

Bookings for Spring are open, starting April 20


Taste ceremonial-grade premium matcha sourced direct from Japan

Experience a multi-sensory, group meditation

Optional intention or theme to the Ceremony


Russel Simmons on why CEO’s & employees should meditate

co’s that meditate:

Workplace Benefits:

Reduce Employee Burnout

Increase Productivity with Zenergy

Distinguish Your Workplace

Enhance Creativity, Inspiration, & Motivation

“It was so much more than sipping tea, it was a full body experience. I felt transformed.”

-Peggy, Orange County CA

Private Event

Tea Ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate or honor any event with your community such as a transition into new phase of life, celebration of a life event, or recharge and re-connect with your community. Tea is also a thoughtful alternative to alcohol.

Perfect for baby showers, wedding showers, wellness studios, & other private events.


Core Lotus Tea Ceremony offers an unique meditative experience, that may dramatically increase workplace productivity, overall wellness, and personal motivation and innovation.

Distinguish your wellness program from the rest of the pack. Perfect for on-going wellness programs and retreats.

Festivals & Studios

A soulful addition to any retreat or festival. This practice is an enhancement to any Yoga-centric event, and an opportunity to practice an ancient ritual in an especially inspiring environment. Be open to profound transformation.

Excellent for festivals, studios, and retreats.

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