Re-connect to your bliss through Tea Ceremony and Mindful Movement

Our Values

Founded by Wellness Expert and thought leader, Sarah Skaer, Core Lotus is a digital subscription service that brings women together to share in the bliss of balanced, connected workouts- not only to tone the body, but to invite you to be the most inspired version of yourself.

  • BALANCE:  By connecting to your authenticity and moving your body and spirit with intention, we manifest energy and grace amidst the busy and frenetic lives we lead.  We move towards our most inspired version of ourselves in work, towards our loved ones, and in our creative aspirations.

  • CONNECT:  Sharing space, energy and hearts together with your community here reminds us we are never alone; this is our tribe. You are part of a collective of incredible women.

  • STRENGTHEN:  We push ourselves to do better, go farther.  Practice your inner and outer strength so you can move all mountains. Keep moving. Challenge and grow and expand.  We know you got this.

  • INSPIRE:  Move and be moved. Release expectation and limitations at the door and connect to your truth and authentic spirit.  What makes you shine like nothing else?  Hone in, key in, glow from within.

  • BLISS:  You have within you, the key to your own unique bliss.  This is your truth, inner guide, spirit.  This voice that is wholly your own leads you down your bliss path.  Through practice, be open to receive.
Sarah Skaer

Sarah Skaer

Founder & CEO

Sarah Skaer is the Wellness Expert and multi-certified Teacher behind Core Lotus. Raised in a Japanese and American household while living, teaching, and learning all over the world, Sarah learned young how to blend cultures and traditions to create something beautiful and new. It was her nomadic, unique upbringing, paired with her extensive training as a movement artist and all around creative that taught her how to blend her varied movement trainings and her creativity to design her Core Lotus classes and events. 

Sarah empowers women all over the world, giving them the opportunity to find their inner and outer glow through her classes, lifestyle newsletters, special events, and an unique, supportive online community, the Core Lotus Tribe.

Stacey Bosworth

Master Teacher

Stacey_1Stacey has been a Pilates instructor for almost 15 years, having studied and taken workshops in many methods.  Her down to earth approach and wacky sense of humor in her teaching is what makes her clients wanting more.  Stacey strives to help people find balance in their workouts, and their entire lives, because she is a big believer in working out hard but also enjoying life. “The time is now, so stretch, move your body and love,  we only have this present moment.” 

Sarah Bryce Mann

Master Teacher

Sarah Mann Core Lotus TeacherSarah Bryce Mann has been dancing since the age of 10, and has been featured on America’s Best Dance Crew (with Jag6ed Crew) and FOX’s TV Show Mobbed (with both Jagged West and Mischief Makers).  As a result of her choreography, Jagged West was named LA’s Best Performing Artist in 2012.  Sarah regularly teaches Pilates throughout the San Fernando Valley and is always available for master classes and workshops.

Press & Media

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Prospective Students & Studios

Our tribe is worldwide and we are grateful to be a part of the new global awareness of happy, healthy wellness.  In addition to our online services, Core Lotus is taught across the globe, notably Los Angeles and Japan.

Interested in hosting an in-person workshop or becoming a certified Core Lotus Instructor or certified Core Lotus Studio?  Please email